Danica Patrick lets loose on her feelings about romantic relationships YouTube/JRE Clips
Youtube/JRE Clips

As Danica Patrick continues her media push for her new book, “Pretty Intense,” the NASCAR driver and businesswoman has learned to answer every question with confidence and ease. She is getting a ton of practice with this as of late, as the world comes to terms with the news that she is currently in a romantic relationship with none other than the NFL’s Aaron Rodgers.

So when Danica recently sat down with comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan for a no-holds barred interview, she seemed poised and ready to take on any subject, including the often-touchy subject of male/female relationships.

“For every hot chick, there is a dude sick of screwing her,” Danica said during the interview.

Well, alrighty then.

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The “hot chick” comment came during a conversation between Danica and Joe about what males need to know about women, and what women need to know about men.

And yes, Danica had plenty to say.

“I just think we like to be told what you are thinking,” Danica explained about the female-male dynamic. “I do. I like to know what someone is thinking. I want to know about you and what’s going through your head. Everyone wants to know where they stand and what someone is thinking. What if they are thinking about someone else?”

And while Danica never brought up her ex, fellow NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., you have to wonder how much of this kind of stuff ultimately doomed their relationship.

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“I’m an all-in person, so for me, it’s not a mystery,” Danica said in the interview. “If you want to know what’s going on in my head, I’ll tell you right now. Girls like to hear nice things too. Girls like to be appreciated just like a guy does.”

And then, she couldn’t help but share some advice.


“Sympathy goes a really long way,” she continued. “I know it goes a long way with me in every facet of my life. If they are in a bad place, I want to help them. Most people go under-appreciated, especially in a relationship, especially the longer [the relationship] goes.”

Joe agreed, adding that things get even more tough once kids are involved. “Under-appreciation and assumptions of who does what, especially with kids,” added Danica, who has said in the past that she has frozen her eggs in the hopes of having children someday. “With kids, it has to be way worse. You just don’t want to take anyone for granted.”


Of course, Danica will soon be putting all of this romantic talk behind her, as she and her fellow NASCAR drivers prepare to get back to work in preparation for the Daytona 500, scheduled to run on Feb. 18. Fans will recall that Danica announced late last year that she would be returning to the track for both the Daytona 500 and for the Indianapolis 500 before ultimately hanging up her racing suit for good.

So what do you think — will new love or sheer talent propel Danica to a win in either race? We would love to hear what you think.

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