Danica Patrick may have put her full-time NASCAR driver gig behind her, but her commitment to remain fit and healthy looks to remain a priority for her now that she has some time on her hands.

The latest example of her incredible physique and fitness skills were shared Dec. 4 on her Instagram page, as she attempted a move that quickly had her head over heels … literally!

“How did I not stick the handstand after I stuck the hardest part?!?!” she captioned a video showing her latest moves. “Today was my first try, so I’ll take it. I was just excited I got up!”

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Indeed, fitness has always been a passion for Danica, and in January 2018 that passion will roar through the pages of her new book, “Pretty Intense.”

“It’s a 360-degree perspective of health, with a 12-week workout program which includes 50 recipes,” Danica said of the book in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times. “I photographed the food myself. I’ve tried so many things to stay in shape and I got to this place and wanted to share it.”

With a gym at home, Danica says she works out a lot these days. “I do CrossFit to add in cardio and plyometric body weight movements for strength,” she said. “I do yoga for flexibility and the mind, and I walk my two dogs a lot. My mantra for working out is that it should be uncomfortable. You need to sweat, even if you’re working hard for a short amount of time. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

Amen, sista.

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Not only does Danica devote herself to vigorous workouts, she also pays close attention to what she eats. “I’m very into eating well,” Danica said. “I believe food is medicine. I eat extremely clean, real foods. I like foods with one ingredient — an apple, an egg, some spinach. I don’t eat processed foods and never add sugar to anything.”

Heck, she doesn’t even drink. “It helps to not drink at all,” she said. “I used to drink beverages with artificial sugars to stay hydrated, which was a bad idea. Now, I stay away from them completely.”

And while Danica looks happy and healthy, it will take NASCAR fans a little while to get used to not seeing her and the recently retired Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the track for a full-time schedule in 2018. As everyone knows, NASCAR fans love their drivers, and their drivers love them.

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Danica Patrick goes head over heels with this new, crazy feat Instagram/Danica Patrick
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