Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s wife gives fans a peek at her growing baby bump YouTube/DARREN4 FAN

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and his wife, Amy, just returned home from their one-year anniversary trip in Aspen, Colorado, and life seems pretty hectic for them as they prepare to welcome their first baby, due in May. Amy’s growing baby bump is on display in this series of Instagram Stories she posted about life at the Earnhardt house.

Right now, their married life revolves around their pups, Gus and Junebug. In the first shot, we see Junebug in Dale’s arms after a pretty serious dustup.

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Amy’s caption reads, “Gus just attacked Junebug over a toy. Junebug only wants consoling from Dale. My life is over.”

Junebug came back to his senses, though, and cuddled up with Amy in the next shot. She writes, “He’s back where he belongs.”

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After the playtime with the pups, Amy rubs some new oil on her growing baby bump. In the shot, Amy references that creepy line from “Silence of the Lambs,” “It rubs the lotion on its skin.” Good thing mama has a sense of humor through the pregnancy!

To beat the cold, Dale and Amy enjoyed a hot soup that was part chili, part taco soup on Thursday night. It’s a good thing they had that soup to warm them up. The weather outside was so cold it froze over their outdoor swimming pool.

Stay warm, Dale and Amy!

As they wait for their baby to arrive in the spring, Junior is also impatiently awaiting the start of this year’s NASCAR season. It will be his first season watching from the sidelines since he retired from the sport in November.

Dale has been tweeting up a storm about it, saying, “I can’t wait for this season to start. Normally I would be like @dennyhamlin and think “Chill, it’ll get here when it gets here,” but I’m ready now. Right now.”

Sports broadcaster Liz Holbrook understood how Dale felt about the upcoming season. She tweeted, “It’s a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about racing in it, huh?”

Junior wrote back, “The thought of that long grind of a season made you patient.”

He wrote back to another fan, “Being on this side of the fence brings all new anticipation.”

Don’t be surprised if you see Junior head back to the mountains for more skiing while he counts down the days to NASCAR season. On that trip to Aspen, Dale learned how to snow ski, and you can tell from this Instagram post that it’s a new passion for him. Just look at that smile on his face!

Dale writes, “I learned how to ski this week. Spent five hours on the slopes with friend Alain Azizi showing me the way. What an incredible experience! I am officially hooked.”

Just be sure and stay safe on the slopes, Junior! You’ve got a little one on the way that needs you.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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