NASCAR fans (including us) couldn’t have been more excited to learn that Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy are expecting their first little one. And at the same time, we learned that Amy’s bump is of the female variety! Yes, it’s a girl!

That doesn’t happen very often — that a couple announces they are expecting at the same time they reveal their soon-to-be’s gender. So, no wonder we were so curious about how difficult that secret was to keep.

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Fortunately, Junior sat down with “For the Win” and spilled the beans on keeping the news mum and their own private gender reveal, which was a little bigger than the Instagram photo of pink Chucks that we all saw.

Dale explained, “You get this email with a link to click to find out the gender and we forwarded that to her sister in Texas. She ordered the shoes and mailed them to us. We opened them up on the front doorstep to figure out what was going on.”

Presh, right?

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He continued, “All of those little, tiny moments during this short period of time, we’ve only been dealing with this for about a couple months, there’s so many cool little moments. Me and her have been sitting here giggling just because we were the only ones that knew, so we’ve been sort of giddy for so long. It’s finally good to be able to tell everybody and share with my mother and sister.”

Awwwww! Did anyone else just have all the feels for this NASCAR family?

Congratulations, Dale and Amy!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. opens up about the baby secret that he and wife Amy had to keep  Rey Del Rio/Getty Images
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