Dale Earnhardt Jr. gives fans an update on his “incident” with a tree AP Photo/Alex Gallardo

With snow currently on the ground in all 50 states, there is no doubt that it has been wreaking havoc on almost everyone’s normal commute, including NASCAR favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr.

So when news began to spread on Jan. 17 after he had tweeted about having a run-in with a tree, fans were of course concerned for the daddy-to-be.

To put those worries at ease, Dale Jr. headed to his Twitter page later that night to clarify what happened, and perhaps take a little bit of the blame for the incident.

“Getting all kinds of [texts] that I was in a traffic accident today,” he wrote. “I just scratched my winch on the trunk of a pine. No crash. Just driving too fast in the snow. Being a bit of a fool.”

However, what might have been the bigger story of Dale’s eventful morning was the fact that shortly before his own accident, he had stopped to help a few of his fellow North Carolina residents, and the mother of one of the people he helped actually tweeted Dale Jr. to thank him for the assistance she gave to her son.


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“Dale Omg,” the mother of the stranded motorist tweeted on Jan. 17. “I’m Jeremy’s mother, Sandra Wilson. I’m home battling cancer, and when he called me and told me that you pulled him out of a ditch you are my angel. Thank you so much for helping my son!”

Of course, the heartfelt tweet got Dale’s attention, and he responded with both love and a little warning. “No problem,” he replied to Sandra. “It was a group effort. He needs to get some new tires on that car ASAP.”

God knows Dale knows a lot about tires!

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But Dale Jr.’s good Samaritan ways ended up not stopping there. He went on to tell yet another story of his eventful morning on the snow-packed roads.

“After my pine tree incident, was driving home and came up on a police car sideways near the ditch,” Dale tweeted. “Me and three other strangers pushed him to safety. No photo evidence. Him being a cop and all, it didn’t feel right exposing his quagmire.”


Of course, leave it to Dale Jr. not to stay too serious for too long, as he retweeted a hilarious warning to all those who aren’t quite used to driving in winter conditions.


All that matters to us is that Dale Jr. is safe and sound with his dear wife, Amy, who is scheduled to have their very first child in May. But it also has us wondering — were any of you stranded out on the roads during this latest spell of bad weather? Did good Samaritans you didn’t even know help you? We would love to hear your story because, heck knows, it proves that the world isn’t so bad after all, no matter what anyone says!

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