NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. is known to keep a pretty even keel about things, especially since becoming a newlywed and announcing his plans to retire at the end of the 2017 season.

But yes, some things still get him riled up.

And for good reason.

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“It just makes you wonder what in the hell is going on in this world?” Dale Jr. said when asked at an August 17 press conference about his reactions to that day’s terrorist attacks in Barcelona and last weekend’s tragic rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. “It’s really frustrating because we ought to be better than that, ought to be smarter than that, than to be trying to tear each other apart. We ought to be working together, but it just seems like that’s getting harder and harder to do. There’s less and less of that.”

And as someone in the spotlight, Dale Jr. went on to say he just can’t stand back and watch.

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“It’s sad and frustrating to see what happened,” he explained as he prepared to take the wheel at Bristol Motor Speedway on Aug. 19. “You feel somewhat responsible to speak on it. I think that it’s great that a lot of athletes did speak on it. It encourages people like myself to speak up, and I think that it’s been a very difficult period of time over the last couple of years for our country.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. angrily speaks out against attacks in Barcelona Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images
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