As his retirement at the end of the 2017 NASCAR season continues to inch closer, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is looking to find other ways to spend his time with wife Amy once he climbs out of his racecar for the last time.

And he may have found something that’s right up his alley.

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“I started digging a hole for a pool today,” Dale Jr. wrote on his Instagram page on August 23, along with a pic of him and Amy working on what looks to be a huge project. “First time on excavator. I could have totally spent my life listening to classic rock running an excavator for a living, had racing not worked out.”

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And while we are not entirely sure whether this latest project is part of Dale and Amy’s new home remodeling venture on the DIY Network, it’s fairly obvious that Amy’s choice of work clothes did get her hubby’s attention.

“Every time my wife wears overalls I want to dance around her in circles singing ‘Come On Eileen’ #childofthe80s,” Dale Jr. tweeted out on the same day, referencing a 1982 hit by English pop band Dexys Midnight Runners.

Of course, the day of renovation wasn’t complete without some deep thoughts from the NASCAR driver.

“This nail was made in 1870. By hand,” he captions a photo of one of his finds. “It was just relieved of its duties on this day August 23rd, 2017. Think about all the shit (good and bad) that’s happened in this world while this nail sat quietly doing what nails do.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy dig up some old and new memories Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images
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