Cole Swindell gets a taste of NASCAR glory thanks to his buddy Ryan Blaney NASCAR

Cole Swindell is accustomed to living life in the fast lane as a touring country star, but he?s never literally experienced life in the fast lane until this moment.

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NASCAR just shared this pretty awesome video of Cole hopping into the passenger?s seat of a stock car with his buddy, driver Ryan Blaney, and it?s a hilarious must-watch.

Cole was in North Carolina at Charlotte Motor Speedway to perform a concert ahead of the 2018 Monster Energy All-Star Race when he decided to go for a quick spin with the driver of the No. 12 Ford Fusion.

?I?ve never been this nervous walking out onstage!? Cole says to Ryan before they rev up the engine and take off.

He trusts his buddy though.

But as the laps increase, so does the speed of the car and you can see Cole is having the time of his life ? and maybe just may be a little bit terrified, too.

?I thought we were gone dude, turn four?? he exclaims after they stop and exit the car. ?I wanna just kiss these tires!?

Haha, bless his heart ? we would, too, immediately after we changed our pants.

It?s cool to see the camaraderie between these two, as well. You can tell they?re genuine pals. Though, we feel like Ryan will be happy to leave the singing to Cole and Cole will be just as happy to leave the driving to Ryan.

Watch their ride together for yourself below!

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NASCAR heads to Phoenix this weekend (March 11) for the TicketGuardian 500, which airs Sunday at 3:30 p.m. on FOX.

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