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There are not many questions that make racing great Danica Patrick speechless. Yet, during a recent interview with podcaster Lewis Howes, Danica indeed found herself at a loss for words when she tried to answer the question that so many have grappled with throughout their lives: What is God?

Surprisingly, Danica posed the question herself. During the interview, Lewis asked her, “What’s the question that you’ve never been able to answer for yourself?” The inquiry floored Danica for a few moments, but then she responded, “What is God.” And after a few more moments of thought, she answered her own question with confidence.

?I believe it?s the highest level of vibration,? she said in the interview, which was set up to promote the release of her new book, ?Pretty Intense.? ?Nothing negative can resonate at this vibrational level. It is pure love, positivity. It is a oneness presence that is eternal. It’s God consciousness, Christ consciousness. It?s source. It?s omnipresent. It?s not a dude on a throne in the clouds. It?s so much more than that. It?s everywhere all the time. That?s why God lives within you and everyone else, because we are all connected.?

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After her powerful response, Danica admitted the question threw her for a loop. ?I?m sweating,? she said after a fist bump with Lewis. ?These are hard questions.?

Earlier in the interview, Danica reflected on her thoughts on religion as a whole, briefly recalling a time where she had an eye-opening conversation with an anesthesiologist. During that conversation, she questioned how it could be possible that one feels no pain when put to sleep ? a question that even stumped the doctor.

?I?m not necessarily of any religion,? Danica said. ?I don?t believe in all of any of them. They all have good points. I could go to any religious ceremony and say that I learned something today, or I might dismiss it all. I?m not sure.?

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What Danica is sure of is the fact that she is psyched to be racing in the upcoming Daytona 500, as it will be the final NASCAR race of her career, and she will be working alongside famed crew chief Tony Eury.

?With Tony on the car side and with calling [strategy for] the race, he was always very good at calling races — that is a ton of experience he has on his side,” Danica said in a recent interview with ESPN. “That part of it really is what makes me feel comfortable, not only from a performance standpoint, someone being there to really look after me, but also from a comfort standpoint that I don’t have to try to win the Daytona 500 with somebody I never met before.”


The race will also be the first time that her and her ex boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., will find themselves on the same track together since their late 2017 breakup.

But Danica isn’t worried.

“On superspeedways, you find your friends throughout the race based on how fast you are, where you can run, how good your car is,” Danica said. “You tend to find people you can work with. I don’t care who it is.”

Will God be on Danica?s side as the green flag falls on Feb. 18?

We will just have to wait and see on that.

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