A smoldering pic actually holds a hidden message from a NASCAR wife  Instagram/@samanthabusch

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If so, have you started them yet? A lot of us have the same ones—better health or ditching bad habits. The heartbreaking thing is that with the mouthpiece that social media has provided to everyone, there seem to be as many people who want you to fail as want you to succeed. Lifestyle blogger and NASCAR wife Samantha Busch is empowering all of us to succeed in spite of the naysayers.

Samantha, who isn’t just beautiful, but is also incredibly bright, shared a new photo on her Instagram page of herself in a red dress reclining on a chaise. With her brunette locks swept to one side like Veronica Lake, it is Hollywood glam at its finest.

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But as stunning as the photo is, it’s the caption that truly takes our breath away. Samantha writes, “Don’t you dare dim your light to make others feel comfortable✨ As 2018 approaches I find myself on Pinterest finding some inspiring quotes for the new year. I’m ready to continue to grow as a wife, mom and boss babe and to take on some new projects that I’m really excited about! There are always people to tell you that you shouldn’t, can’t or won’t do something but prove them wrong this year! Dream big and go for your goals! What are some of your favorite quotes that you are looking at for the new year?! 🙌🏻🙌🏻”

As requested, many of Samantha’s friends and followers responded with their own inspiring and empowering quotes, like these:

• av_izzy “Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go” xoxo

• ladibugladibugg Thank you for reminding us! Ur spectacular! My favorite I CAN DO ALL THINGS THRU CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME.

• sarahgluck One of my favorites from 2017 … “Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Get confident being uncertain. Don’t give up just because something is hard. Pushing through challenges is what makes you grow.” 🙌🏼


Wow! Makes you ready to take 2018 by the horns, doesn’t it? It also makes you want to ignore those who attempt to derail, undermine and sabotage your success with their own negativity, hate and misery.

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So let us know — what inspirational quote do you keep on a loop through your noggin, on a card pinned to your vision board or tattooed to your body that keeps you focused on your goals and dreams?

And also let us know how you overcome those who would rather see you fail than succeed. Your words and comments may be just what someone else needs to hear and, as Robert Ingersoll said, “We rise by lifting others.”

Happy New Year, Samantha, and here’s to an awesome 2018, y’all!

Based in Nashville, Tammy is a 20-year veteran of the country music community. She has worked in marketing, PR and artist development. Follow her @TammyGooGoo and join the conversation @RareCountry
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