A NASCAR wife speaks her truth about life with a new baby Instagram/@haleykdillon
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NASCAR star Ty Dillon and his stunning wife Haley are currently basking in the blissful joys of parenthood, despite the fact that their first child is still very, very young.

It seems like little Oakley, who was born on Nov. 21, 2017, is currently making life so easy on her parents. So much so that her mama couldn’t help but gush over her little princess’s delightful and angelic qualities in a recent social media post.

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On Jan. 23, Haley shared a precious mini photo album on Instagram that showed her and Ty’s growing daughter lying down on a white blanket with the numbers one through 12 written on the front. The photos, which you can see below, also show the beautiful two-month-old nugget in a pair of flowery pants and a mint-green headband. She adorably sucks on a pacifier while her famous daddy, who is nearby, keeps a close eye on the tiny tyke.

“I’m a few days late and our two month photo op went great,” Haley captioned the three photos before offering up some sweet and loving words about the happy couple’s precious child. “We’re loving our sweet girl and all the amazing things she is doing like smiling and sleeping through the night! Yeah, and don’t even try to give me all that ‘Oh it’ll change, you just wait’ crap because mom and dad are finally feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and we’re gonna take it while it lasts!”

Aside from sharing some glowing remarks about Oakley’s awesome personality, Haley included a few hashtags that may have you wondering if she and the hubs are thinking about having another sweet bundle of joy in the near future, including the comment “I’m not pregnant again,” followed by “not yet, anyway” and then “Lord help us all if that happens.”


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Although it may be a tad too soon to tell whether or not Haley is being serious, adding another child to the Dillon mix might not be a bad idea. After all, we can only assume that Haley’s amazing qualities come from her parents. So another baby would likely be in extremely good hands.

And, hey, maybe Oakley wouldn’t mind having a little sister or brother around!

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