A NASCAR wife comes clean about her parenting struggles Instagram/@SamanthaBusch

There is no stopping Samantha Busch. As the wife of NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and a strong and determined businesswoman in her own right, she always seems to have everything under control. But recently, she decided to come clean about her most difficult job to date: parenting.

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?Not gonna lie, age two almost three is hard with a strong-willed little boy who is way too smart for his age,? wrote Samantha on March 8 on her Instgram page alongside an adorable pic of her and her son, Brexton. ?I?ve read all the blogs, asked all the advice, but sometimes, you know what, nothing works! The other day I posted to my Story that I was so excited for us to all go the fair and, after posting the only three minutes of happy pics, I had to admit Brexton lost it just about the whole time. Kyle was frustrated and I left in tears.?

You see? Everyone goes through it.

?Parenting isn?t always easy, and sometimes, no matter what you do, it is what it is at this age,? she continued. ?So for all you mommies out there feeling like you are the only one with a with a child freaking out while everyone else?s is being an angel, I get it and I?m with you. Just know you are doing your best and keep on pouring on the love. Because things like the fair and the meltdowns they won?t remember, but they will always know you love them unconditionally.?


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Strong words from a strong woman, don?t you think?

No wonder Kyle loves her so much.

And heck, Kyle is pretty good in the strong department also, as he heads out again this weekend to potentially grab his next NASCAR win at the March 11 TicketGuardian 500 just outside of Phoenix.

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