A NASCAR star gets a jaw-dropping makeover Instagram/@ryanblaney10

Let’s be honest, y’all. When you think about NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney, you think: excellent driver, good guy …

… but you also think, “great hair!”

C’mon, you know you did. It was hard to look adoringly at that incredibly silky, shoulder-length brown hair and not be envious of the 24-year-old Penske driver.

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Thinking about keeping the mustache.

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So it really comes as no surprise that fans and flipping out over his latest move: a radical haircut.

For those of you rolling your eyes, just keep on rolling. (Some of us are having flashbacks to when Keith Urban broke the internet by cutting off all his hair.). But don’t underestimate the emotion that comes with change.


In this case, it’s pretty hilarious!

Ryan posted a final photo of his beloved shaggy hair and handlebar mustache that, quite frankly, would make NASCAR in the 1980s supremely proud.

“Say goodbye,” he captioned the shot. It’s gonna be hard, Ryan, we have to admit.

The next photo he posts is of a pile of his hair on the salon floor and, well, that’s a TON of hair.

Dale Earnhardt Jr certainly had some thoughts …

“You’re gonna look weird. More than normal,” Dale replied to the photo.

And that wasn’t the only cheeky response to the haircut on Twitter.  Some of the fan responses are making us laugh so hard we’re fighting back tears.

“Some dark sunglasses, and you could star in ‘Super Troopers 3!’” one fan tweeted.

It’s so true!

“I feel lighter and my neck is a lot colder. Stache comes off tomorrow,” Ryan captioned the last photo.


He wasn’t joking. And, y’all … brace yourselves for this next photo.

Holy moly!


And maybe: Holy hotness!

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Indy driver Josef Newgarden posted that photo of the two, and we have to say they are both looking extremely good.

Of course, Ryan, who is the son of NASCAR Driver Dave Blaney and the grandson of dirt track legend Lou Blaney, couldn’t resist one last wisecrack.

“Fact: most gel I’ve ever put in the hair. Elmer’s glue works great for hold.”

These guys are crazy, and it’s so much fun. Can you imagine being in this friend group? You’d be laughing all the time. We’re sure there will be many more jokes and wisecracks from teammates and fellow drivers who were presumably jealous of his meme-worthy former look. Heck, they’ll likely all be jealous of this new one!

We have to say we love this sleek new look, but we are gonna miss this retro-stache and flowing locks. Goodbye, Ryan’s old look. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

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