For years, NASCAR great Jeff Gordon hasn’t been able to enjoy a summer vacation with his family thanks to a grueling race schedule that kept him busy inside and outside of his racecar. So this year, the former NASCAR champion seemed almost elated over the thought of taking an overseas trip with his wife Ingrid and their two children. And thus far, based on the many vacation pics he has shared on his socials, the four look to be having an amazing time.

Well, that is until he posted one particular picture on his Instagram on August 15.

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“Riding elephants in Bali,” he wrote alongside a picture of himself and his daughter on top of one of the animals. “This is Bali’s largest herd of rescued Sumatran elephants that are staying at the lodge! They are well cared for in a healthy and stimulating environment that caters to all their daily needs,” he captioned.

But quickly, followers began to comment about the picture, with some saying that it was inhumane to ride or keep wild animals captive. “Are you kidding me,” one follower questioned. “Do you know how elephants suffer by carrying people all day long? Educate yourself on animal abuse and neglect.”

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Many others also weighed in, with one fan writing, “It’s crazy people still do this in 2017! So sad!”

A NASCAR legend is getting all sorts of crap over this vacation pic Instagram/JeffGordonWeb
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