A NASCAR legend finds himself in dangerous circumstances overseas Twitter/@Ivandebosch

As one of NASCAR’s most celebrated drivers, Jeff Gordon has encountered his share of spine-tingling run-ins on the track. But it’s what happened off the track recently that truly put a shiver down the retired driver’s spine.

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In a tweet on August 1, Jeff shared the scary news with his followers. “Experienced my first earthquake in Tokyo this morning,” he wrote, along with some details on the situation. “As I’m writing this tweet just had another shake the hotel.”

Up until that point, it looked as if Jeff, his wife Ingrid Vandebosch and his family were enjoying a wonderful time overseas, sharing multiple pictures of their vacation, including a visit to a hedgehog café and taking pictures at the many tourist sights.

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Just the week before, Jeff and his family were on hand at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where he drove the pace car and weighed in on how he is enjoying retirement at the moment. “I couldn’t be more thrilled with how my career went, but I’m also ready to join this next chapter of my life,” Jeff said in an interview with “USA Today,” adding that he was happy to “spend a little more time with my wife and kids, do some fun things, things I never had the opportunity to do when I was driving full time.”

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