A NASCAR driver weighs in on how his baby daughter has changed his life Instagram/@haleykdillon

Back on Nov. 21 of 2017, NASCAR’s Ty Dillon and wife Haley welcomed their little baby girl, Oakley Ray Dillon, into the world. As any parent can tell you, that nine-pound little one can change your life like nothing you have ever experienced before.

This couple’s excitement about their new family member has been quite evident, thanks to the many pics they have shared of her on their socials over the last two months.

In a recent interview with The Fourth Turn, Ty revealed just how much Oakley has put everything in perspective for him.

“As a father, just seeing my little girl when she is crying at 1 o’clock in the morning, 3 o’clock in the morning, and you are sitting there holding her and trying to get her to go back to sleep and just looking [at] what life starts as gives you such a perspective on living and realizing what life is truly about,” Ty said in the heartfelt interview. “So I hope to take what I’ve learned about being a father and kind of adopt it to every aspect of my life and the appreciation for what I have and what I am and who I am.”

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Indeed, it seems as if Ty’s extended time with his daughter during NASCAR’s off season not only bonded father and daughter together, but also gave Ty the quiet time some need to let life’s blessings truly sink in.

“Having my little girl in the off season helped put some things in perspective in my life and I have been trying to change my approach on some things,” Ty said. “I let the sport get me a little down.”

And while their new baby certainly helped Ty get out of that depressing mindset, so did the love of his wife Haley.

“I need someone in my life like my wife to keep me grounded to keep me thinking and to keep me moving forward,” Ty said. “Everybody is their own person and I really love having that relationship in my life. I have lots of goals and ambitions and things that I want to do, and to have a person like her that allows me to do that is really special. To have a partner in life to push you to do what you want to do — to me that means a lot. She gets it. If she didn’t, it probably wouldn’t work. That’s the reason I love her so much. She understands what I’ve got to put into it and she’s pushing me to be the best I can be. I need that.”


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Of course, all of these nice words ended up getting Haley’s attention. “I’m so lucky to have Ty as my partner in life,” she posted on her Twitter page on Jan. 25 after reading the article. “With him by my side, I know that all our dreams are attainable!”

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