Kane Brown teases brand-new music, and Instagram goes wild Instagram/@kanebrown_music

Kane Brown fans, have you seen this?!

It looks like one of our favorite young stars is working on some new music, and can we just say it?s sounding ridiculously awesome?

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On March 7, the singer/songwriter and Rare Country Award winner posted a short video from his kitchen on his Instagram page, and it featured a brand-new tune we?d never heard before.

?Tag someone you?re gonna be jamming the new music with,? he captioned the video.

We?re tagging everyone we know!

And we were listening extra closely to see if we could get some of the lyrics straight?and boy, are they steamy!

Kane belts out, ?Cause when you do that thing right baby flipping your hair I swear ??


Oh here we go, y?all! And just wait until the hook drops in the chorus.

?Girl that body and how you move it / Every time you cross my mind girl I lose it / Yeah I lose it.?

Umm, we are about to lose it.

It?s always a good sign when Kane’s dogs are wagging their tails over a new song, too. Just look at those cuties.

And the fans were going crazy, too!  There were tons of awesome and encouraging comments left on this post, but a few stood out. One fan commented, ?Yassssss!! I can?t wait!!? Another wrote, ?I need this song to be out ? like yesterday!? We hear you, sister.

We absolutely loved this really sweet note from one fan: ?I?m super excited! I?m honestly so happy God created someone so talented and blessed like you, Kane Brown. You seem to have it all and, honestly, I?m happy for you! And I also never comment on any celebrities’ posts either, I?m just so stoked!?

Awww, this is the sweetest! We hope Kane saw this one.

As we listen to these lyrics, we can?t help but think of his fiancée, Katelyn Jae. We wonder if she was on his mind as he wrote this one.

And then there?s this one ? another new tune Kane posted a little teaser video of on his page.

?New song me and the boys wrote today,” he captioned it. “Tag a friend … Summer smash. (One Night Only.)?

That?s just what we were thinking: this one has summertime written all over it. Give us a margarita and a beach, pronto.

And have we talked about these sharp new photos of the singer/songwriter?

He is killing the game, guys, and there?s no doubt that his next album will be even bigger than his last.

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Our final question is best summed up in this fan?s comment: ?When is this dropping?!?

Yeah, Kane, when? When can we get this new music? We can?t wait!

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