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Garth Brooks has a really big heart, and that generous spirit has led him to give away some really big items to fans during his recent concerts. It seems like every week we’re hearing about Garth giving away a college education to a fan’s baby, providing a Hawaiian honeymoon to an engaged couple in the audience or buying out the wedding registry for some newly-married fans.

Garth’s wife, Trisha Yearwood, joins him onstage every night of the tour, so she’s seen these moments go down firsthand. We recently caught up with Trisha in Nashville and had to ask what goes through her head when her husband starts giving away dream vacations and college tuitions. Hilariously, she says it feels a lot like her husband has turned into the country version of Oprah Winfrey sometimes.

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Trisha tells Rare Country, “I just shake my head at this point. It’s like, ‘And you get a car, and you get a car!’ I think what’s funny is right before he gave away the college education, he gave a honeymoon to Hawaii to this couple. I was like, ‘Can you imagine how many people are going to get engaged at the next Garth Brooks show?'”

Though the gestures may seem over the top, Trisha insists there’s not one ounce of planning that goes into these moments.

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She explains, “You know what, I’ve been out there in the moment when stuff happens, and it’s such a relationship with the audience. It’s not like you’re playing to them, it’s like you’re part of an experience. So, stuff happens. Sometimes you end up getting a college education out of it.”

Trisha does foresee some problems coming up for the younger siblings of that kid Garth is sending to college, though.

Says Trisha, “I’m just waiting for when little brother gets born and they’re like, ‘Well, Garth Brooks sent your sister to college. What are you going to do?’ It’s going to be rough in that family!”

Garth and Trisha are playing shows in Indianapolis, Atlanta, South Dakota and Calgary, Alberta, Canada in September and October. Get your tickets at


Garth Brooks on his wife, Trisha Yearwood

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