Toby Keith’s daughter Krystal opens about her ongoing recovery from terrifying accident Instagram/Krystal Keith
Instagram/Krystal Keith

On July 4, Toby Keith?s talented country singer daughter Krystal Keith was traveling with her husband Drew and little daughter Hensley when their world was stopped in its tracks at the hands of a drunk driver.

?Our 4th turned pretty horrific,? wrote Krystal in a July 7 Instagram post. ?Hensley, Drew and I were on the way to watch fireworks on the 4th. A drunk driver almost took the lives of my entire family. We all survived the wreck but it?s gonna take some time to heal. Keep us in your prayers. Hug your babies and spouses tight. DON?T DRINK AND DRIVE.?

Now, months later, while some of the physical injuries have healed, the recovery continues.

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?It was traumatic,? Krystal said in a recent interview with Rare Country. ?In fact, I am having an MRI next week and [my husband and I] are both still in therapy. It?s been hell for us. We try not to complain, and there is no doubt that we are blessed to be alive. God had [his] hand on us.?


Indeed, simply by the looks of their car following the accident, there is no doubt that Krystal and her family?s lives were spared on that fateful day. And while months have gone by, you can still hear how fragile Krystal?s emotions are when she recalls the accident.

?We were hit three separate times ? first in the front, and then rear-ended by the boat that the other car was towing and then when we went into the ditch,? recalled Krystal, who recently released ?Anyone Else,” her new duet with up-and-coming artist and label mate Lance Carpenter. ?It was traumatic. My husband?s knees are messed up and I have a fracture in my vertebrae. I honestly feel like our car saved us though. We had just gotten that Mercedes six months before. It?s such a safe car. Personally, I think the car saved our lives.?

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Krystal?s dad Toby supported those thoughts in an interview he did with Rare Country just weeks after the devastating crash. ?It was a bad accident, but that car performed really well,? he said of the now-demolished SUV. ?I looked at it after it was over, and technology is so good today, they make the front end of the car collapse to where it gives some. Those airbags in that thing reacted really wonderful. [Krystal?s] airbag went from her head to the brake pedal, and then out the side to the door. She was kind of in a cocoon. The baby was behind her in the seat facing the other way, so she was kind of in the cocoon [too].?


To this day, Krystal says she can?t go through an intersection without stopping and pausing more than ever before. She even admits that she and Drew have yet to even buy another car to replace the one that was demolished. Yet, despite both the emotional and the physical injuries that the couple continues to grapple with, Krystal says they try their best to put on a happy face as much as possible.

?With a toddler at home, we have to keep going and keep life as normal as possible, but we are still juggling doctors appointments and therapy,? she said. ?It?s been a challenge.?

And then she took a deep breath.

?As a mom, you power through, you know?? Krystal said. ?But it?s like having PTSD. It?s just one of those traumatic moments that will take a while to get over.?

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