Every couple has gone through it. After the wife is just about at her mental and physical limit after spending the day taking care of the kids, the hubby calls to see if he can go out with his friends for a couple of drinks after work.

And the wife loses it.

Yes, it happens.

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So imagine how Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren responded when her hubby was not only going to spend the fall releasing and promoting a new album, but also go on tour just as the couple had two new little ones at home to take care of.

Well, this is Lauren.

She was all for it.

“She is the most supportive human being in the world,” Thomas Rhett told Rare Country backstage at his September 8 stop in Chicago just before his “Live from the B-Stage” album release celebration. “We planned this out three months ago and we both were fully aware of everything that was going to be going on, but she’s a champion. I don’t know how she does it, and trying to help her out from afar is impossible as a husband and a dad. You just do what you can.”

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The family recently reunited in New York City, with Thomas sharing an adorable video of the couple trying to manhandle their double stroller down a flight of stairs.


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Nevertheless, Lauren remains steadfast in her love, which is especially evident in this sweet message recently sent to her husband via Instagram. “I could not be more happy to be doing life with you—especially through all of these crazy awesome #lifechanges God is giving us,” she wrote in a Sept. 9 post. “Thank you for being the best friend, the best husband, the best daddy and the best artist I could ever dream of. I can’t put into words how proud I am of the person you are, and I’m so happy the #hometeam gets to see you, hear you and love you through this new album.”

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