As an up-and-coming country artist, Brett Young constantly worked on his social media accounts just hoping someone would notice him posting a photo from a concert or performing a new song.

Now that he’s got two No. 1 hits under his belt and a growing fan base, Brett doesn’t have time to be spreading the word about his career like he used to do. That’s why he’s so thankful for three special fans who have taken on the job of getting the word out about all things Brett Young.

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Brett tells Rare Country, “There are three very specific ones, and they have handles on social media now — @BrettsYoungsters, @BYBeliever and @Country_Fan_86. Even when they can’t make shows, they are very vigilant about jumping on and searching social media to find pictures and the internet to find new news that I sometimes don’t even know about. I find out from them about myself. It’s been so cool to have support like that. I’m so grateful to them.”

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Brett’s latest hit, “Like I Loved You,” is on track to be his third No. 1 hit, so it looks likes Brett will have even more news for those fans to post about.

“As things start going better and better, you start having less and less time to do things for yourself,” Brett explains. “To have such great fans like that that are involved, and that care and that are putting information out there so that the rest of the fan base can find out what’s going on, when I don’t even know what’s going on, has been really cool.”

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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