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Country singer Walker Hayes is working on Valentine’s Day this year. Granted, his job has him opening for Kelsea Ballerini close to home at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, but he’s still got to work. That means he won’t be able to take his wife and mother to his six kids, Laney, out to a big dinner that night. We don’t think she’ll mind, though.

The truth is Walker and Laney have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day anyway. They started dating when they were in the 11th grade, and there are only a handful of times Walker remembers really celebrating the romantic holiday with his bride.

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He tells Rare Country, “I remember we went to Subway one Valentine’s Day. That was probably two or three years in. I don’t think she was that happy about that. She got her a footlong and two oatmeal raisin cookies … Laney and I, we’re lame holiday celebrators. We’re very lazy when it comes to Hallmark holidays like that.”

Walker and Laney’s love actually has more in common with another, much darker holiday, and Walker writes all about it in his new song, “Halloween.”

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That’s right. Walker wrote a love song for Laney named after the day we celebrate ghouls and goblins. It’s actually a very, very sweet track detailing how Laney allowed Walker to just be himself starting way back in their high school days. It was like she made him comfortable enough to take off the disguise, or mask, he’d been wearing. Hence the title.

He says, “Our line of communication has just been a wide open highway since the moment I met her. We can talk for hours all the time. I feel like we tell each other everything, and that’s who you want to be with for the rest of your life is somebody you don’t have to try hard with, [that] you don’t have to just sell yourself to. They’ve already bought it. They’ll buy you knowing everything. That’s where ‘Halloween’ came from.”

So, what did Laney think of this left of center tribute?

It turns out “Halloween” is just the kind of love song she likes, because it paints an honest picture of their relationship.

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Walker explains, “She’s a hard person to write a love song for because she’s heard ’em all. She knows when they get too sweet, they’re not really true. Marriage isn’t always sweet and pretty. ‘Halloween’ was definitely for her. It was about that dark side of a relationship, and she is where Halloween ends for me.”

“Halloween” is a prime example of how Walker’s songs put a different twist on topics like love and parenthood. Check out more of his music, including the hit single “You Broke Up with Me,” on Walker Hayes’ debut album, “boom.,” available now.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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