Country star Jerrod Niemann just released his new album, “This Ride,” featuring the song that’s shaping up to be one of the biggest wedding songs of 2017 — “God Made a Woman.”

Of course, Jerrod thought of his own lovely wife, Morgan, when he recorded the song, but it has now become a vital part of so many other people’s lives, too.

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Jerrod tells Rare Country, “I’ve had so many people come up and say, ‘Oh, this is going to be our wedding song or our first dance.’ They could end it right there, and that’s way more than I deserve. Because to be a part of someone’s — that’s their life-changing moment. To know you’re there with them is mind-blowing.”

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One of those mind-blowing exchanges with a fan happened during Jerrod’s recent trip to the veterinarian with his hound dog, Beulah. She was going for a checkup after having a successful surgery on her paw a few months back.

“We were leaving. I was walking out to the parking lot, and this girl came flying out of the veterinarian’s office with her scrubs on,” Jerrod recalls. “She said, ‘Jerrod! Oh my God. I just want to tell you my fiancé and I are getting married in October, and that’s going to be our wedding song.’ Just that — it makes my year to hear that any time someone says this, because that’s what made us move to [Nashville], to be a part of something bigger than yourself.”

He adds, “I know it’s something they’ll never forget, and I know it’s something I’ll never forget.”

“This Ride” also features Jerrod’s brand-new single, “I Got This,” as well as collaborations with ’90s country favorites Diamond Rio as well as Jerrod’s best buddy, Lee Brice.

This country star got some very sweet wedding news while visiting the vet’s office Getty Images/Rick Diamond
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