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LOCASH shot to country stardom with their gold-selling hit “I Love This Life,” and now they’re back with a new anthem they say is the cousin to that track. It’s called “Don’t Get Better Than That,” and the duo’s Preston Brust tells Rare Country, “It’s three minutes of appreciating the simple things in life.”

The guys just premiered the new song on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today,” and they think “Don’t Get Better Than That” contains a message America really needs as everyone goes into a new year.

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Looking back on 2017, it seems like bad news just kept on coming with the hurricanes devastating Texas and the Caribbean. Mass shootings at a country music festival in Las Vegas and a church in Texas also shook the nation. Preston and his LOCASH partner Chris Lucas wanted to offer some hope in the midst of all that pain.

“It feels like every time you turn on the news, tragedy is striking some place,” Preston says. “Any time Chris and I can sit down with a pen and paper and a piano or a guitar and write a little feel good message that might hit you in the heart and lift your spirit a little bit, that’s what we need to do as people.”

The guys were also thinking about their own children when they wrote and recorded “Don’t Get Better Than That.” You’ll hear it the most in the line about a kid looking up and saying, “I love you, daddy.”

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Chris explains, “For kids, we’ve got to give them something positive to listen to. There’s a lot more positive in the world. We’re only hearing about the negative. There’s a lot more. I see it every day. Every time we travel. [America] is a great place, man.”

The future is looking bright for LOCASH as they enter the new year, too. They’ve got high hopes for “Don’t Get Better Than That” as the follow-up to their two big hits, “I Love This Life” and “I Know Somebody.” Before those songs took off, LOCASH had been releasing songs and playing shows together for years trying to break through. They’re not taking any of this current success for granted.

Chris tells us, “It’s everything you dream about, but to see the integrity we put behind it, and the longevity we put behind it and the perseverance, it’s all about perseverance. It shows even people here in Nashville that dreams can come true. I know it sounds so cliché, but we’re the epitome of it. This is a dream, and it’s coming true.”

Look for LOCASH to play a New Year’s Eve show at Opry City Stage in New York City’s Times Square. They’ll kick off their 2018 concert dates with a Jan. 19 show at The Fillmore in Washington, D.C.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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