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Scotty McCreery?s new album, ?Seasons Change,? opens with the sounds of an ominous thunderstorm, but the music quickly opens up into a sunny feel as he dives into the title track. It?s a musical metaphor for Scotty?s own career path over the last few years leading up to this new album?s release.

In 2015, Scotty wasn?t sure when or if he?d get to put out any new music as he was released from his previous record deal. He was feeling down and out at the time, but it?s almost like Scotty willed his current success into being by writing the song, ?Seasons Change.?

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Scotty tells Rare Country, ?That was my first song I wrote after getting dropped and having to pick up the pieces and figure out what was going on, which is a very weird thing, ’cause it?s a very optimistic sounding song in a time where things weren?t all that great. But that?s kind of how I tried to stay during that time. I was like, ?You know what, we?re going to figure things out. It?s gonna be OK. It might be storming now, but we?re going to see sunshine later on.??

Things are looking especially bright for Scotty right now as ?Seasons Change? is now available everywhere featuring his first-ever No. 1 hit, ?Five More Minutes.?

The cold spell is definitely over for Scotty.

?We?re heading into summertime, baby!? Scotty says. ?We may already be there! I?ve never had a No. 1. I?m as happy as I?ve ever been and excited for the future this year.?

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As he kicks off this next season of his life, Scotty is going forward with music that truly represents what he?s all about as a person and as an artist. Scotty co-wrote all 11 tracks on the album to make sure fans hear exactly what he wants to say.

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He says, ?With me, I?ve always kind of been that guy ? what you see is what you get. My life back home with my family and friends is the same guy I am onstage in front of my fans. It?s just kind of how it is with me. I appreciate [that] the fans have stuck by me through all that. I feel like with this record  I?ve really got to showcase that and just kind of spill my heart out and tell ’em what?s on my mind. It?s a very personal record start to finish. I feel like they?re going to get to know me even better through this record.?


?Seasons Change? also includes the song Scotty wrote for his recent engagement to longtime love, Gabi Dugal.

It?s called ?This Is It,? and we have a feeling you?ll be hearing it used in lots of wedding ceremonies in the coming months.

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