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Scotty McCreery and his fiancée, Gabi Dugal, are deep in planning their upcoming wedding ceremony just as he releases his brand-new album, ?Seasons Change,? this week. The project features Scotty?s first-ever No. 1 country radio hit, ?Five More Minutes,? as well as the love song he wrote in celebration of their engagement, ?This Is It.? Scotty just released that song in advance of the album release, and it contains details specific to their love story.

??This Is It? is a special song for me and Gabi,? Scotty tells Rare Country. ?I haven?t quite decided what role it will play, but I bet it?ll be played in some form or fashion during the wedding.?

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Though the song focuses on the story of Scotty?s relationship with Gabi, he?s found fans are able to relate the lyrics of ?This Is It? to their own lives. It?s similar to the way listeners found their lives reflected in the story Scotty told in ?Five More Minutes.?

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He says, ?That?s the thing about country music that I?ve found out even more through ?Five More Minutes.? For me, I wrote that song for myself, and my family and my grandaddy. It?s amazing how many people could identify with that same story in different ways. So, I think for ?This Is It,’ whether somebody got engaged on the mountains or by the beach, they?re going to remember that moment before [it happened] and how nervous they were. At least for me, I know I was nervous. So, I think folks will relate to it even though it might not be their exact story.?


As for his wedding, Scotty says the planning is getting down to the ?nitty gritty.? Just after he and his family taped an upcoming episode of ?Celebrity Family Feud,? Scotty and Gabi headed back to North Carolina to meet with the florist and figure out where everything was going to be for the service.

Since Scotty is a pro at putting on big events like his concerts, you have to imagine he?s right at home putting this wedding together. In reality, Scotty is finding those skills he?s picked up as a country star don?t necessarily translate to organizing a big wedding.


?Planning a wedding is different than anything I?ve ever done,? Scotty admits. ?I know how I want things to look and how I want things to flow, but as far as getting everybody there and all the arrangements, there is so much. I?m just sticking with the catering. That?s my job. I can taste test all day long. You just let me know. I?m happy to do that.?

Be sure to check out Scotty?s new song, ?This Is It,? now, and pick up the full-length album, ?Seasons Change,? when it drops this Friday, March 16.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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