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If you?ve been following Scotty McCreery on Instagram, then you?ve no doubt seen some footage of Scotty and his pals throwing down at some major dance parties. The parties can take place anywhere. As we?ve seen in Scotty?s Insta Story, the country star and his buddies from North Carolina can get a dance party going at somebody?s house, or even on board Scotty?s tour bus.

It all depends on having the right speaker and the right DJ.

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Scotty tells Rare Country, ?It all started back in college [At North Carolina State University] in 2012 or ?13. I went and  purchased what we call the ?Master Blaster,? which is our big speaker. It goes everywhere with us. If we?re going to have all the guys, the ?Master Blaster? is going with us. Colin, who you hear about in [my new song] ?Boys from Back Home,? he?s our DJ. Colin plays the jams like nobody out there. He?s got it down pat. Really, it?s just getting the crowd together, having a few, having a toast and the dancing commences. It?s a good time.?

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Scotty?s got a few jams that are sure to get the party started every time.

?My go-to song is always [T-Pain featuring Yung Joc’s] ?Buy You a Drank? and [The-Dream fearing Fabolous’] ?Shawty Is A 10,?? Scotty says, referencing rap songs that do come with an explicit lyrics tags on Spotify. ?That?s kinda what gets me going. Oh, [and] Michael Jackson, ?Billie Jean.? Oh yeah, I get the moonwalk going, and whenever I do [it], people open up the circle and they?re going, ?Scotty! Scotty!? So, that?s kind of known to be my song.?

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If you should ever find yourself attending one of Scotty?s legendary dance parties, just make sure you adhere to the proper protocol when requesting songs from DJ Colin.

Scotty advises, ?Requests are a very touchy subject for Colin, because a lot of people try to just chime in, and Colin?s got it down to a science. He feels the room out. If it?s somebody he knows, he?s more willing to listen. But if it?s somebody just bugging him, he gets a little touchy about that. He?s very serious about his DJing job.?


As he mentioned, Scotty has included a tribute to these longtime buddies on his new album, ?Seasons Change.? That song, ?Boys from Back Home,? name checks several of Scotty?s childhood friends and serves as a nod to the ongoing support they give him.

?It?s one of my favorites on the record because it?s so personal,? Scotty says. ?Every name that you hear in the song, they?re actually my best friends. We talk every day, and I lived with a few of them. And they?re all stories that are legit. It talks about driving Will?s Chevrolet. Before I had my license, Will drove me everywhere. It was his burgundy Chevrolet. We did paint our faces blue and gold. There?s pictures on my Twitter to show that. So, everything in that song is nonfiction. I love listening to it and reminiscing.?

?Seasons Change? is out now featuring Scotty?s No. 1 hit, ?Five More Minutes,? as well as the song he wrote for his engagement to longtime love, Gabi, ?This Is It.?

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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