RaeLynn tells us what she plans to do about her big case of “baby fever” Instagram/@raelynnofficial

When a country singer gets married, their fans give them maybe a day or two tops before they start asking when the newlyweds will start having babies. Country fans and their favorite stars are a lot like family that way, especially when the artists are open books like RaeLynn.

Ever since RaeLynn and her hubby, Josh, tied the knot in 2016, her fans have been asking when they’re going to have kids. It’s a obvious question since they’re both beautiful people inside and out.

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That baby talk has ratcheted up even more for RaeLynn in the last month now that she’s posting about little ones all over her Instagram account.

In December, RaeLynn introduced us to this adorable bundle of joy named NovaLynn Rae in her honor.

The little one is the daughter of RaeLynn’s cousin, Shelly, who has always been close to the country star.

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“We look exactly alike,” RaeLynn tells Rare Country, “She’s more like my sister. So, all of her kids I call my nieces and nephews.”

Rae adds that she was floored when Shelly told her about naming the baby in her honor.

She says, “When she told me she was naming her after me, I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ That baby is going to be so spoiled. So, that’s my little namesake. Isn’t she precious? She gave me ultra baby fever, so I gotta calm it down.”

Who wouldn’t get baby fever looking at that little angel. The way she yawns is just adorable!

“There’s nothing cuter than a baby yawn,” RaeLynn says. “When we yawn, it looks stupid. But when they yawn, it’s so precious.”

RaeLynn finally got to meet that baby when Shelly brought her up for a visit to Nashville this week. Here is NovaLynn Rae and her Aunt RaeLynn just having a big dance party in a mall lingerie store.


Yep, these two are gonna be trouble together. We can just tell!

Since RaeLynn is talking babies, we went ahead and asked how soon she thinks she and Josh will have some of their own. She says it will be “a while.”

“I can’t do that when Josh is gone,” RaeLynn explains of her enlisted military man husband. He’s been gone quite a bit while in training for the Army, and RaeLynn spends most of her time away from home playing shows.


She says, “It’s so hard, and being on the road and stuff. Anytime I get baby fever, I just get a new puppy.”

So far, RaeLynn has just two dogs, but she’s thinking about getting a third to keep her company at home and on the road.

Look for RaeLynn to hit the road again starting Feb. 12 with a show in New York City performing with Sara Evans and Kalie Shorr. They’ll be on tour together through an April 7 date in Mobile, Alabama. Go to for a complete tour schedule.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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