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One of the greatest things to happen to country music in 2017 has got to be Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, taking over Instagram. For a long time, Caroline kept her account private, but now she’s opened it up to everyone. As a result, we’re seeing just how wild and wacky things get in the Bryan household.

Luke tells Rare Country, “So, yes, my wife went an abnormally long time without really being on socials. The main reason why is she’s feisty.”

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That’s an understatement! Caroline’s wacky sense of humor shines through as we see her hanging off a spiral staircase with her friends.

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Here she is practicing yoga with a goat.

Caroline also keeps the couple’s three boys in line, too. Just check out these pics of their sons Bo and Tate goofing off with Luke and Caroline’s nephew, Til.

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3 years later and I still can't get them to take a normal picture….

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At first, Caroline didn’t want people thinking she was trying to use her Instagram account for publicity reasons. Luke gave her the encouragement she needed to go public with it.

“She gets so worried about — ‘I just don’t want people to think that I’m trying to do it for my own benefit,’ Luke tells us. “I’m like, ‘Baby, quit worrying about that. Just have fun with it, too.'”

Caroline has definitely taken Luke’s advice about having fun on Instagram to heart, and sometimes her enthusiasm can get a little out of hand. Just take this video the couple shot on Halloween for example.

We all laughed our heads off watching Luke and Caroline struggle to run around in their matching T-Rex costumes, but Luke tells us neither of the costumes fit them right. Caroline was determined to get the video of them dressed up as T-Rexs, though.

He says, “She was like, ‘Well, we’re getting this video! Put it on! Shut up!’ I’m like, ‘Why is she … Oh, she wants the video ’cause she wants to Instagram it.’ Which, it’s funny. So, we get the video. She stayed in her T-Rex [costume], but mine wouldn’t fit over my head. So, the only way I could make it inflate was I had to literally pry it on my head, and then I couldn’t talk to anybody.”

As a result, Luke quickly ditched his costume as soon as they got the video Caroline wanted for Instagram.

He adds with a laugh, “Halloween is very important for me to drink beer and walk the kids through the neighborhood. Did I say that? There’s no rule against drinking beer during Halloween. They’re getting all hopped up on sugar. I can have a beer or two. Well, I couldn’t drink a beer in my T-Rex costume. So, he was out of there.”


Thanks to all the buzz, Luke’s T-Rex costume got on Caroline’s Instagram account, he jokes that it might end up on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Says Luke, “That would be what they’d pick. They don’t want to see my cowboy boots in there.”

We have a feeling fans would be lined up around the block at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to see Luke’s T-Rex costume. Keep your fingers crossed on that one.

If you take a stroll through Caroline’s Instagram feed, you’ll see a lot of posts about her work with The Brett Boyer Foundation. The charity is named in memory of Caroline’s baby niece, who passed away last year, and works to raise awareness and resources for children with congenital heart disease and Down syndrome and their families.

Go to to see how you can get involved.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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