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At two years old, Krystal Keith’s daughter Hensley is at that adorable age where she can charm just about everyone she meets, especially her grandpa, Toby Keith.

“He is amazing with her,” Krystal said of her dad during a recent interview with Rare Country. Toby was the inspiration for Krystal’s viral video, “Daddy Dance With Me,” back in 2013.

“He will take her out to the golf course when he is golfing with his friends and show her off to all of his golfing buddies in the clubhouse. He always says, ‘That’s my girl,'” Krystal shared.

And we all said … awww!

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“She speaks 10 word sentences and she has a very strong personality — we see that in her all of the time,” laughed Krystal about her darling daughter. “Last night, I walked into her room and she was talking to her doll in her stroller and she was saying all of the same things I say. [Laughs.] It’s the coolest experience to be a parent. I should have done it when I was a lot younger. I had no idea what I was missing.”

And while Hensley is at her most adorable stage, it can still be tough to wrangle a toddler while trying to build a career. Sometimes, you just have to call in the reinforcements.

“Honestly I have the most amazing husband,” Krystal said of her spouse, Drew. “After the birth of our daughter, I took off a year [from] the road, and then the second year, I got back to writing and recording. Just knowing that she is well taken care of when I am working … there is just nothing like it. He is a better dad than I ever expected him to be.”

Having that sort of support is key, especially when mommy is busy with her singing career. Indeed, Krystal recently released her new addictive single, “Anyone Else,” alongside new duet partner Lance Carpenter.

“Lance and I have been writing together for a while know and really hit it off immediately,” Krystal said. “We made plans to do some song sessions, and he came to me and said he had this crazy idea. He had cut a duet and was looking for a female to go on it. I gave it a listen and hadn’t heard his voice as of yet, but when I went back and listened to his voice, I just thought it was really cool.”

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Some country music fans may already know Lance’s work, since he served as a co-writer for Kelsea Ballerini’s No. 1 song, “Love Me Like You Mean It.” Yet, many other country music fans are just now getting to know him and discovering his surprising similarity in tone to none other than Toby Keith, who signed Lance to his record label.

“If you look on social media, you will find a lot of people think the same thing,” Krystal laughed. “They say that he looks like him and sounds like him. He’s like a mix of Blake Shleton and Toby Keith, that’s for sure.”

Besides their duet being incredibly catchy, the story the song tells is one that many can relate to, including Krystal. “Whether you are in a good or bad relationship, [this song] hits everyone in one way or another,” said Krystal, who is due to release a brand new EP in 2018. “I mean, everyone has been there. No matter what’s going on, you realize in your heart that no one else can compare to what the two of you have together. Especially when you are married and you end up in a ton of fights and you say things aren’t working, but you know darn well that it’s just words. You would never leave.”

Take a listen to the song.

You just might relate to it, too.

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