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Kip Moore admits he plays his cards pretty close to the vest in his everyday life. You won’t hear him talking to even close friends about his thoughts and feelings all that much, but that’s not the case with the songs he writes. As you can hear on his new album, “Slowheart,” Kip bares all those emotions in his music.

“I’m a little more guarded in person,” Kip tells Rare Country, “but in music, I’ll show all my colors —how I’m feeling. I try to always be as authentic as I can in my music and write about where I’m at in those stages of my life.”

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Cut to his latest single, “More Girls Like You,” and you find Kip singing honestly about his need to stay on the move like a “wild old mustang” in the first verse. It’s a theme that’s run through Kip’s work over the years, but this time he’s changing course on the chorus and singing about a girl who could make him settle down and start a family.

“That’s recognizing that I am changing,” Kip says of “More Girls Like You.” “Where the door was more just shut on any possibility [for love] because I was so focused on music, and now, it’s like the door’s cracked for allowing that part of life to happen. It doesn’t mean I’m trying to make it happen, it’s just I’m open to it, you know?”

Kip, 37, has thoughts of one day having a son he can teach how to surf, but he doesn’t feel the pressure to be married and settled down by a certain time in his life. Playing things by the book has never been Kip’s m.o. as a musician, and it certainly doesn’t work for his personal life either.

Says Kip, “From the time we’re born, we’re told to follow A, B, C and D steps in life, and the minute that you’re off that hamster wheel, you’re looked at as the oddball. I think I was more just tapping into, I’m OK with that route. I’m OK with life coming to me as it’s gonna come and not trying to force puzzle pieces into a box.”


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Going solo at this time in his life allows Kip the freedom to pick up and travel the world as much as possible. He took full advantage of that freedom during a four-month vacation during the making of “Slowheart.” The result of that travel can be heard in his new music.

Before the vacation, Kip found himself “stuck in a stubborn realm,” and that state of mind shows up on the album in songs like “Plead the Fifth” and “Bittersweet Company.” More hopeful moments, like “More Girls Like You” and “Try Again,” came after he returned from those soul-reviving trips to Costa Rica and Iceland.


Kip says of his wanderlust, “It’s a soul cleaning thing for me. I’m always trying to find that joy and inner peace, and those trips bring me back to center and they help me to figure out where I’ve been, where I’m at, where I want to go, my own vulnerabilities and my desires in this life and how to grow as a human. I feel like I have to go through those times of solitude to breathe, to help me realize where I’m at.”

Kip’s at a very interesting spot in his life. You can hear all about it on “Slowheart,” now available everywhere.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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