Kane Brown is telling us everything he knows about his upcoming wedding to fiancee, Kaitlyn Jae. So far, there isn’t much to tell. We do know Kane and Kaitlyn plan to include their four-legged family members in the ceremony.

We caught up with Kane just before they added their second dog, Nash, to the family. He told us his older bulldog, Rambo, will have a role in the wedding.

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Kane tells Rare Country, “My dog is gonna be there. He’s probably going to be wearing a tux. We found something on Pinterest. She did. I didn’t,” he said of Kaitlyn.

Beyond that, Kane really is leaving all the wedding planning up to his bride-to-be.

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“I have no idea, honestly. I don’t know what I want a wedding to look like or anything,” Kane says.

Kane does have a few new songs he’s written that might be right for the wedding, though. Kaitlyn has understandably been a big inspiration for his lyrics lately.

Kane tells us, “There’s one song called ‘What’s Mine Is Yours’ I’m super excited [about]. I wrote that one for her. Yeah, I guess ‘I Found You’ is kind of the same thing. Then there’s one other song that I’m excited about. I haven’t even announced it. Nobody’s even heard it, so I’m not going to say anything about that one. But I’m really excited about it.”

You can get a taste of those new songs here.

Right now, Kane and his pal Lauren Alaina are climbing the country chart with their collaboration, “What Ifs.”

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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