Kane Brown and his fiancée, Katelyn Jae, are getting their new house in the Nashville area all decorated, and they’ve shared a few photos of the process on Instagram. The couple also just brought home this adorable puppy, Nash, so they’ll probably want to hold off on buying anything too expensive until the dog finishes teething, though.

We caught up with Kane during a brief visit to Nashville in between his current shows with Jason Aldean. He tells Rare Country he’s left all the big decisions about decorating to Katelyn.

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Kane says, “Her mom actually came down from Philly whenever I went on the road, so I got everything moved in, like, all the big stuff, and her and her mom just went out and bought a bunch of things to make it homey, because if it was just me, and I didn’t have a girl there, there would be no pictures on the wall. I wouldn’t care if the cords were hanging out from underneath the bottom of the TV. She made it a lot more homey.”

Been rockin overalls all week… moving into the new house was no joke 😴

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Katelyn has joined Kane out on the road quite a bit lately, so the house isn’t entirely put together just yet. Still, Kane was very impressed when he saw what Katelyn and her mom accomplished that first weekend.

He says, “I walked in and she had, like, two desks over here, like computer desks, and she had some things that hold candles hanging up on the wall, like a big clock, it’s like an old-fashioned, timey clock. It’s really cool.”

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Just like that new puppy, Kane has a tendency to tear things up. When he got home from the road that first week, Kane was impressed with the strings of lights Katelyn had hung up in their living room. They didn’t last long with Kane in the house, though.

Kane says of those hanging lights, “She had them going through these wood things, and I moved it and tore everything up. The first day I got back, not 30 minutes I’d been in the house.”

We have a feeling Katelyn is going to have her hands full keeping that house in order with both Kane and little Nash running around.

As for Kane, he just picked up a gold certification for his latest hit, “What Ifs,” featuring his friend Lauren Alaina. It’s included on his self-titled debut album, available now.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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