Justin Moore is giving fans a look at his high-energy live show in the new video for his latest hit, “Kinda Don’t Care.” The Arkansas native has built quite a fan base since he hit the country scene in 2009, and the massive crowds he’s playing for in the video are proof of just how popular Justin has become with the fans.

The video also includes a little peek into Justin’s personal life. He’s a daddy to four kids now, and two of his daughters make a quick cameo in the video. You see them hanging out with their daddy on the tour bus as he plays guitar halfway through the video.

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As for the song, “Kinda Don’t Care” is a return to the honky-tonk sound and subject matter Justin is best known for.

He tells Rare Country, “It’s fun to play. It’s a honky tonk song. It sounds like something Mark Chesnutt or Joe Diffie could have had on a record back in the early ’90s. It’s fun for us. It seems to be going over well.”

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Of note, Justin will be relying on his fans to carry him through his shows this coming weekend.

According to this tweet, Justin has been sick in bed with strep throat this week, but he’s rallying to perform for his fans.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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