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Garth Brooks has recorded three Christmas albums over the course of his career, including 2016’s “Christmas Together” with wife, Trisha Yearwood, so you can imagine he’s playing a lot of Christmas music around the house this time of year. We were curious which artists make the cut for Garth and Trisha’s personal Christmas playlist.

Garth tells Rare Country, “Miss Yearwood does a lot of Frank Sinatra Christmas. A lot of Elvis [Presley] Christmas. For me, I like the ones I was raised on, the albums that had 20 different artists doing 20 different songs. So, everything from the Beatles’ Christmas to Mahalia Jackson. Everything like that. Of course, here comes the newer stuff that might not be new to a lot of people, but Mariah Carey. When you talk about Christmas songs, they have to be out for a while to … get that older thing”

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When it comes to brand-new Christmas music, Garth and Trisha are big fans of Pentatonix’s holiday offerings. In all honesty, Garth’s tastes are all over the place when it comes to seasonal tunes.

“Christmas is one of those things, it’s like pizza,” Garth explains. “You can’t screw it up. I love Christmas music in all shapes and sizes.”

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Of course, the holidays are all about spending time with family. Though Garth’s three daughters (including Allie, who is pictured here with Garth and Trisha) are pretty much grown now, they still make it back home for holiday celebrations.

During a recent press conference with Trisha in Nashville, Garth said, “The girls were just in. We did the ‘Bare Naked Christmas’ thing.”

Trisha jumped in quickly saying, “That sounds wrong. Can you explain that?”

After a big laugh from the reporters in the room, Garth continued, “So, ‘Bare Naked Christmas’ — the tree might come out, but it stays undecorated until all five of us can get around it and decorate it. It’s the same ornaments they’ve had their entire lives. We tell stories and laugh. The tree’s up and running.”

As we previously reported, Garth actually gets an early start on the holidays, hanging the Christmas lights outside their house on Nov. 8, which is the birthday of Trisha’s late mother, Gwen. Those decorations will be up long after Dec. 25, too.


“We decorate early,” Trisha said at the press conference. “We come early and stay late. We don’t take them down until way after the first of the year, because … the spirit of love one another just gets bigger during the holidays. People are just nicer to one another. I wish we could do it all year long. I think we’re in that spirit of needing to be nice to one another more than ever in the history of our nation. So, I’m embracing it.”

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