When one loses a parent, it can be easy to want to close the shades, turn off the lights and hide under the covers until the sun comes out again.

Or you can fight back, and find a way to make your own sunshine.

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Following the recent death of his mother Margaret at the age of 90, NASCAR mainstay Michael Waltrip did just that via a Luke Combs song called “When It Rains It Pours.”

“The first time I heard the song, I just thought it was funny and optimistic and a funny take on how events in your life can take such a sudden turn,” Michael told Rare Country in a recent interview. “The song captures a great story within music.”

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It’s the kind of song that Margaret would have loved. “My mom enjoyed music and understood music as a way to escape,” he said.

“My mom and dad had the philosophy that it’s always better to laugh than to cry,” Michael added quietly, noting that NASCAR fans in general have also helped immensely in his mourning process.

“And heck, I like to smile. [That song] made me smile this week.”

Experience the country song that made a mourning NASCAR legend smile again Youtube/USA Today News
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