Dustin Lynch just might be at his sexiest with this brand-new slow jam Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

 Make no mistake about it, Dustin Lynch is a bit of a tease.

Because as the country star began teasing on his social media that he was going to release a new version of one of his songs, things started getting a tad mysterious.

And then we waited.

But the surprise was well worth the wait, as Dustin released a new stripped down version of his hit “Small Town Boy,” which is featured on his new album “Current Mood” alongside the just as hot hit “Seein’ Red.”

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And while Dustin has no problem turning up the heat all by himself, he recently told Rare Country that he also continues to daydream about the collaborations he would love to have somewhere down the line.

“If you want to talk about out of this world thinking, I would go with Bruno Mars,” he told us. “He’s definitely one of the artists I would love to go see [live] again. I’ve seen him several times. He’s just an amazing talent.”

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Of course, there is also a special country redhead that he would love to join musical forces with. “Reba would be wonderful, absolutely,” Dustin said. “It would have to be the right song with Reba. I would test the waters with my people calling her people first. [Laughs] I would feel bad about abusing that relationship by texting her. But yeah, I would definitely feel it out and, if it was right, I would totally reach out to her.”

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