If you still think of Danielle Bradbery as that talented but shy teenager who reluctantly rose to national fame when she won season four of NBC’s “The Voice” in 2013, think again. Danielle, who just turned 21 in July, is now a confident woman who has found her voice not only as an artist, but as a songwriter as well.

Her self-titled first album, released just four months after she won the show, didn’t give the young singer a chance to try her wings as a writer. But in the ensuing four years, she’s worked to hone those skills. Danielle wrote seven of the 10 songs on her upcoming sophomore album, “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met,” which will be available Dec. 1.

But songwriting isn’t easy, and it sometimes involves taking a leap of faith with other people.

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“It’s an amazing process. I’m still learning the songwriting world and how they do it,” the blonde beauty told Rare Country during a recent interview in Houston. “It’s a process. You get in a room with these writers and you have to kind of pour out your deepest, darkest secrets and it becomes a therapy session. But you gain a friendship with all these writers and it just works out. It’s amazing how you can just write a song in a day.”

She continued, “The hardest part of songwriting is probably just spilling out your secrets. I don’t think most people want everybody to know their deepest, darkest. But you have to kind of open up and little bit and be brave.”

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The new album’s first single, the hooky “Sway” —a song sure to get stuck in your head after just one listen — will be sent to country radio stations at the end of August. A video for a second album track, the ballad “Human Diary,” is available now for fans who pre-order the set on iTunes. Check out the full video below.

Among the album’s other intriguing song titles are “Can’t Stay Mad” and “Red Wine + White Couch.” We can’t wait to hear more!

Phyllis Stark is a Nashville-based entertainment journalist who has been reporting extensively on country music (and loving every moment of it) for more than two decades.
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