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Dan + Shay have been quietly building up one of the best catalogs of music videos in country music in the past few years. We?re thinking especially of that gripping story of alcohol addiction and recovery they told in the video for ?How Not To? just last year.

Now, the guys have dropped a beautiful, inventive and dramatic new video for their current single, ?Tequila,? starring model, defa activist and and 2016 “Dancing With the Stars” winner Nyle DiMarco. There are several times in the clip where you think there?s going to be some big tragedy unfolding. At the start of the story, two women are out on a ski trail when they see a guy off by himself out in the snow. At first they think he might be dead, but he turns out to be a local who?s just enjoying some downtime.

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He didn?t respond to their calls because he is deaf, but you instantly see a spark between the guy and one of the women. They then embark on a love affair fueled by their shared love of tequila. That love affair ends, and the guy eventually drives off on an icy road as he leaves the woman behind. Fortunately, there?s no big wreck on the icy roads. They simply split up, but you?ll want to keep watching for a surprise once the music ends.

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As for the song, ?Tequila? is not a party anthem like you might expect from the title.

Rare Country caught up with Dan + Shay earlier this year to talk about ?Tequila,? and Dan told us, ?When you hear the song, tequila is just the trigger that takes somebody back to a certain relationship or a place that they were in their life. Alcohol. Your senses often do that. It?s a smell or a taste, whatever it is, can take you back exactly to a certain place you were in your life. We told that story in this song, and Shay sang the heck out of it.?


Shay certainly did sing the heck out of ?Tequila,? as he does every song Dan + Shay puts out. Seriously, that guy is a monster vocalist.

Congrats on a beautiful single and video, Dan + Shay!

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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