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For the first time since Craig Morgan?s son, Jerry, passed away, in a boating accident in 2016, the country star and his family are opening up about the tragedy that changed their lives forever.

Rare Country sat down with Craig and his daughter, Aly Beaird, earlier this week to talk about their new TV show, ?Morgan Family Strong,? which will premiere March 1 on Up TV. In the series, the family opens up about how they?re moving forward after the loss.

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Since Craig is a celebrity, the news of Jerry?s passing was covered in-depth in the media. That puts Craig and his family in a unique position.

He tells Rare Country, ?When it happens to other people, generally they?re not plastered all over every form of media out there. They get to deal with it privately.?

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Instead of keeping the pain to themselves, though, Craig and his family are now using their platform to share their experience on their new TV docu-series, ?Morgan Family Strong.? Aly thinks  their honesty will go a long way in breaking down any walls between Craig as a country star and the viewers who may be going through a similar situation.

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She tells us, ?As a family we?re dealing with the same thing that everybody else deals with. And in some cases even more so. Losing a sibling, losing a son, doesn?t happen to everybody. The people that it does happen to, [my dad has] said before, it?s a club you don?t want to be a part of.?

Craig?s wife, Karen, is also featured in the new show, and she?s opened up about the heart-wrenching experience of losing Jerry, who first joined their family as a foster child before later being adopted, in a new interview the family did with ?People” magazine.

When they got the call that he was missing, Karen says, ?We just had to find his body. We had to deal with [our other children] Alex, Kyle and Wyatt. That was it. Jerry was gone, and we knew that. I wanted him found. I didn?t want to get a call six months later.?

Since Jerry passed away, the family has opened up a store in their hometown of Dickson, Tennessee. It?s called The Gallery at Morgan Farms, and there is a stained-glass window of the archangel Michael on the store’s second floor that serves as a tribute to Jerry. His middle name was Michael in recognition of the patron saint of warriors, the sick and the suffering. Karen, who is a devout Catholic, says Jerry wore a Saint Michael medal around his neck up until a few days before the accident. He told his mom he?d lost it on a recent trip to Marshall University, where he was planning to play football that fall.


She explains, ?If you?re wearing a Saint Michael medal, you?re protected, and Jerry didn?t have his on. It was one of the questions [our son] Kyle asked. He said, ?Why didn?t Saint Michael save him?? I said, ?I just think God could have, he just chose not to.’?

Adjusting to life without Jerry has taken a big toll on the entire family. Kyle adds, ?Man, he just held the family together. He was the one that every time there was an issue or argument or anything like that, you just grabbed him, and he?s goofy. He would just pop off and just kill the tension.You don?t realize how much somebody holds everybody together until they?re not there.?

?Morgan Family Strong? premieres March 1 at 9:30 p.m. ET on Up TV.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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