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Cole Swindell knows firsthand how a powerful song with heartfelt lyrics can touch people?s lives. He first experienced it when he released ?You Should Be Here,? a song he wrote and recorded in tribute to his late father. That song went on to became a career song for Cole, and he sees signs of a similar situation playing out with his brand-new single, ?Break Up in the End.?

Though Cole didn?t write this song, he?s definitely found himself in the situation he?s singing about here. The lyrics tell the story of a romance that starts out sweetly as the boy and girl meet, fall in love and start the process of making a life together. The refrain, ?Even though we break up in the end,? lets you know how this relationship winds up, but it?s written from a perspective of gratitude for having had that relationship at all.

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Cole says, ?Every relationship?s not like that, but I think once you have one of those, it?s harder. As much as it?s a breakup song, it?s a love story. To go through all that hurt and know what it?s like to end things, to say you?d go back and do everything over and over again just to feel the way you did, that?s powerful. I?m getting chills just thinking about those lyrics.?

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Like he did with ?You Should Be Here,? Cole is letting the listener in on a pretty deep emotional level here.

?These are songs that hit really close to home,? Cole tells Rare Country. ?Some people, they hear songs like this that hit ’em so close to home, and they turn it down. Me, I?m one that turns it up because that?s the way music has always been there for me. I?ve always leaned on the songs to know that I?m not alone. Somebody else out there feels just like this listening to the song. Hopefully this song helps folks find some closure.?

?Break Up in the End? has been out for a few weeks, and Cole is already hearing from fans telling him how they identify with this song in their own lives.

?There?s been folks that are going through a divorce that say, ?Hey, we have our kids out of this. There?s no way I would change that for anything.? Just real life things,” Cole says. “I?ve gotten a little taste of what a powerful song can do for people, and they tell ’em every night. [With] ?You Should Be Here,? I get a story every single night. I have a feeling I?m about to get some pretty sad breakup stories, but I?ve been through those.?


?Break Up in the End? is the lead single from Cole?s upcoming third studio album. You can catch him out on the road with his “Reasons to Drink Tour” featuring Chris Janson and Lauren Alaina this spring. Check out tour dates here.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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