If there’s anyone who’s earned the right to enjoy a quiet holiday at home, it’s Chris Stapleton. In the past year, he’s released two hit albums as part of his “From A Room” series and supported them with his “All-American Road Show Tour” that kept him and his family traveling for most of 2017. All that hard work led to sold-out shows and a haul of trophies at the CMA Awards this past November, including Album of the Year for “From A Room: Volume 1.”

So, you can’t blame Chris for just wanting a little break from it all to spend time with his family. When asked what he wants for Christmas, Chris tells Rare Country and other media, “Oh, just a couple days off. That’d be it. Little down time. I really just want — and I mean this with all of my heart — I just want a little downtime. That’s what we want. We go, go, go all the time.”

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Chris and his wife, Morgane, are already parents to two children, and they’ll welcome twins very soon. So, it’s no wonder Chris wants to just take advantage of any time off he can these days. Their Christmas celebrations are pretty simple.

“We eat a meal and open presents,” he says. “Not anything out of the ordinary.”

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When it comes to Christmas shopping for Morgane, Chris doesn’t have to do much guesswork.

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He adds with a laugh, “I better know what she wants. That’s how I pick out a gift for my wife, or I ask my sister-in-law.”

Going into 2018, Chris’s tour schedule is pretty sparse so far. He’s got a handful of shows in March and May before opening a pair of shows with the Eagles in Texas this coming June. That open schedule may be conducive to Chris writing some new music. Though he’s got a catalog with hundreds, if not thousands, of his previously-written songs, Chris admits he hasn’t been able to write all that much since his career skyrocketed over the past few years.

He explains, “I just haven’t had time. We’ve been touring, and I don’t like to mix those two. I don’t like to write on the road. It’s not really an environment conducive to it to me. Some people would argue with me about that. But, for me, I need to be still for a minute and have a room that’s not moving on wheels and not have to go, ‘Well, I’ve got to go to sound check.’ I need dedicated time to do that.”

Fans shouldn’t freak out that Chris’s songwriting gift is gone, though. He’s perfected that talent through years and years of practice.

He adds, “I feel like I’m good at a lot of things, but songwriting is high on that list of things that I don’t have any problem stepping into a room at any time to do with anybody.”

Enjoy your downtime, Chris! We’ll see you in the new year.

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