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Brothers Osborne will release their sophomore album, ?Port Saint Joe,? on April 20, and as you can tell from the lead single, ?Shoot Me Straight,? this project sounds different than just about anything else on country radio these days.

While most of the music you hear on the country airwaves has been recorded and re-recorded with studio musicians until it sounds flawless, Brothers Osborne decided to just play live in the studio with their own road band on the new album. They didn?t go back and fix their mistakes after they recorded the songs either. That means the music on ?Port Saint Joe? feels as if you?re listening to the Brothers play one of the live shows that have earned them a reputation as one of country?s most in-demand acts.

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Going that route with the album was a little nerve-wracking for Brothers Osborne?s John Osborne. He tells Rare Country, ?The mistakes are the hardest ones to leave in, because we live in an era where you can go in and fix anything on the fly. But the mistakes are the ones that grow on you. You don?t listen to a mistake at first and go, ?Wow, that mistake was incredible.? You hate it, but it?s the mistakes that you grow to love.?

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The recording process Brothers Osborne used for the new project owes a lot to the way rock bands like Led Zeppelin or The Band recorded their music back in the day. The intended result is a deeper connection between the guys making the music and the fans on the other side of the speaker.

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John explains, ?If we go back and listen to a lot of old rock music, if you go back and listen to Jimmy Page play electric guitar, there are mistakes all over the place, and it?s that human element that you learn to love the most.?

John?s brother and duo partner T.J. Osborne credits their producer, Jay Joyce, with convincing them to just leave the music alone once they recorded it.

He says of the recording process, ?There?s a lot of things at the time that we were like, ?I don?t know. This is a little too raw. We should go back and redo it.? [Jay] was adamant about us not doing that. Now I go back, and, honestly, some of the mistakes have become some of my most favorite moments on the record.?

Of note, Brothers Osborne recorded the new album over a two week period of living and working in a beach house in Port Saint Joe, Florida, which is where the album got its title.

After they release the new album, Brothers Osborne will head overseas for a headlining U.K. tour starting May 4 in Dublin, Ireland. They?ll then join Dierks Bentley on the “Mountain High Tour” starting May 17 in the brothers? home state of Maryland.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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