Sister Hazel Opry Debut Grand Ole Opry/Chris Hollo
Grand Ole Opry/Chris Hollo

Popular ’90s rock band Sister Hazel still lights up crowds across the country with their smash hit, ?All for You,? but they?ve got a different kind of message on their new EP, ?Water.? A song called ?You Won?t See Me Again? is getting attention for its honest portrayal of a man facing a battle with addiction. Sister Hazel?s Andrew Copeland co-wrote the song about his brother-in-law, Chuck, who faced his own struggles with alcoholism.

Unfortunately, Chuck passed away from the disease, and the band members hope this song will offer some light to those who are still out there struggling with addiction.

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Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, where the band recently made its debut, Andrew told Rare Country, ?It?s just an extremely powerful song. It?s seems like the appropriate time to confront this issue. We?ve all been affected by addiction in one way or another.?

He continued, ?We hope that it will draw attention and give people that might be battling this some hope. At the end of the day, maybe they?ll see that there?s a way out of this and to not have so much guilt involved in it, but know there are other people struggling with this.?

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Sister Hazel lead singer Ken Block was able to perform the song with conviction as he?s been in recovery himself for many years now. His bandmates and family members staged an intervention to get Ken into treatment, and he?s seen firsthand that recovery is possible. He also hopes ?You Won?t See Me Again? will lead people to get help, and also help families and friends talk honestly about addiction.

“This is everybody?s story,? Ken told Rare Country. ?There?s no shame about this. This is just like somebody in your family getting cancer or something else. At the end of this powerful story, there is definitely some redemption there. We really hope that it resonates with people.?


Hailing from Gainesville, Florida, the guys grew up knowing all about the Grand Ole Opry, but they never dreamed they?d be playing there themselves one day.

Sister Hazel Opry Debut
Chris Hollo/Grand Ole Opry

Ken said, ?This is not an invitation that was on our radar other than it was hallowed ground. It?s, like, such hallowed ground, it would be like somebody calling and saying you were going to get a Nobel Peace Prize or something. We were like, ?Are you kidding? We?ve been invited to play the Opry???


In the two decades since they first hit the mainstream, Sister Hazel?s brand of folk-influenced rock now has more in common with the songs on country radio than what you might hear on today’s pop stations.

Sister Hazel bass player Jeff Beres told Rare Country, ?We?ve always been storytellers, too, in our writing. That thread has always allowed us to be on the fringe of this [country] world. And now, to be accepted enough to come play here is really cool.?

Sister Hazel?s new EP, ?Water,? is now available everywhere.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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