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It?s hard to believe it?s been two years since RaeLynn and her hubby, Josh Davis became man and wife. Their wedding was straight out of a fairy tale, and you can see all the highlights in this new video RaeLynn just posted on Instagram to celebrate their anniversary.

You can see the husband and wife are so much in love as they embrace for their wedding photos on a bridge overlooking a gorgeous pond. They look picture perfect as they stand at the altar and exchange their vows in front of a very large group of guests, too. That group included RaeLynn’s coach from “The Voice,” Blake Shelton, and his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani.

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Then there?s the footage of RaeLynn dancing with her dad and Josh dancing with his mom at their lavish wedding reception. The tears were definitely flowing during those tender moments.

The whole montage is set to country singer Steve Moakler?s love song, ?Thing About Us,? and RaeLynn wrote a sweet message to Josh in the caption. She says, ?Two years ago we celebrated our love for each other in front of all the people we love. Love you so much Joshua! [You?re] my world.?

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One fan who is getting married this Saturday commented, ?This gave me so many butterflies!? Several other fans chimed in, saying ?This is precious! Happy anniversary!? and ?Congrats!! You two deserve each other.?

Josh and RaeLynn?s love is stronger than ever these days, even as their respective careers demand a lot of their time and attention. RaeLynn is entertaining audiences across the country on the “CMT Next Women of Country” tour with Sara Evans through April 7. Josh is keeping very busy with his ongoing military training.

Back when Josh was in basic training, RaeLynn could only communicate with him via letters sent through the mail. Unfortunately, some of those letters got lost en route to their destination. They were eventually returned to the sender, though.

RaeLynn tells Rare Country, ?A few of his letters didn?t get to me. I got to read them [recently], and it brought up so many memories. I started tearing up again, ’cause it was just so sweet.?


A big batch of RaeLynn?s letters to Josh never made it to him, either.

Says RaeLynn, It?s crazy, because I sent him two envelopes that had 14 letters apiece. He was telling me, ?Babe, I haven?t heard from you.? He would send me letters, and I would get irritated, like, ?I?m sending you letters!? I got all these letters back, and I was like, ?OK, I?m sorry for getting mad at you. Here?s your letters. Here you go.?

Now that RaeLynn is back on tour and Josh is busy with his training, he?s keeping those old letters to read while they?re apart.

Seriously, this couple is unbelievable. Happy anniversary, Josh and RaeLynn!

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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