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Country singer Michael Ray shows off his vulnerable side on his new single, “Get to You,” a song about a guy trying to break through the walls his girl has built up against love. It’s a scenario Michael knew very intimately when he chose to record that song last year.

He tells Rare Country, “I was living that situation in the middle of cutting that song and going through a breakup and the ups and downs of that.”

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When he was first starting out as a country artist, Michael might not have been so comfortable to admit that much about his personal life. His first instinct was to play things pretty close to the vest, but Michael now realizes there is power in being more open and honest with his fans. He often finds their stories are very similar to his own.

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Michael tells us, “When you have a platform, sometimes you go, ‘Oh, I don’t want to show that.’ But that’s what you really need to show, because God’s given us [the chance] to reach and to help, and to encourage and to let people know, ‘Hey, you’re not the only one going through this stuff.’”

Those fans have come to feel like family, too, as Michael has faced some tough situations recently. This past Christmas season, Michael took to social media to ask for prayers for his father, who had to undergo open heart surgery. The health scare with his dad came just days after Michael was arrested for DUI and marijuana possession following a  minor collision in a McDonald’s drive-thru in his Florida hometown. He quickly apologized to his fans for that incident, and his father, thankfully, made it through surgery just fine.

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Those are the kinds of life situations that make Michael thankful he has such a strong relationship with his fans. He meets with a lot of them prior to his concerts, and the friendships he’s formed with some of those fans means a lot to him.

Michael says, “When you get one-on-one time with your fans, and you start talking, and then you connect on a personal level, you go, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going through this same thing that you’re going through.’ When you connect on that level, they check on you. I’ve had fans that have become great friends of mine through conversations. I just go, ‘Hey, let’s be there for each other. Let’s help each other out through this.’”

Michael describes that kind of support as “therapeutic,” and he adds, “That’s why we make the music is to reach out to them and also hear their feedback and their stories. That’s what inspires us. That’s what also helps us go through our situations. Our life is so fast-paced, you’re running 120 miles an hour. Sometimes you need something to hit you at about 125 to slow down and go, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s somebody also going through this similar situation.’“

Michael Ray is currently on the road with his “Get to You” headlining tour. Stay up to date on his tour dates at

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