Scotty McCreery’s fiancée gives us some insight into her man’s new music Mike Coppola/Getty Images
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Scotty McCreery’s fiancée, Gabi Dugal, is officially a part of the country music family after this week’s CMA Awards. After walking the red carpet with Scotty at the BMI Awards on Nov. 7, Gabi actually joined Scotty for his interview with Rare Country at the CMA Awards the following night.

We asked her how the whole red carpet experience was going.

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She said, “I didn’t trip and fall. Pretty good.”

Scotty added, “She’s here tonight having fun, I’m here tonight having fun. So, it’s a better night here tonight. It’s a better night here together.”

Next up, we asked Gabi what she could tell us about the new album Scotty’s got coming out next year. There’s one song that may end up on the album that has a really personal meaning for the couple.

She says, “He did write one for me. So, I really like that one.”

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Scotty actually sang the song to her for the first time when they got engaged this past September. He wrote it about a week before he popped the question. We wanted to know if it was the kind of love song his fans could use in their own weddings?

He said, “It could be, I guess. It’s definitely a wedding/engagement type song. It’s specific towards how we got engaged [but] I think anybody could use it.”

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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