Carrie Underwood describes her biggest food-related dilemma with son Isaiah Instagram/@carrieunderwood

Carrie Underwood?s adorable son Isaiah Michael Fisher may be growing, but he hasn?t quite reached the age where he?s always got an appetite. So, the two-year-old toddler will sometimes leave uneaten food on his plate after a meal.

Turns out, leftover grub is one of his mama?s biggest pet peeves.

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?I feel like one of my biggest problems is not making myself eat his food he doesn?t eat,? Carrie, 34, tells BuzzFeed, ?I hate wasting food and I hate wasting water. If I?m going to put it on my plate, I?m going to eat it all.?

Despite her concerns about waste, Carrie has come up with the perfect solution for baby Isaiah?s eating habits ? or lack thereof.

?I make enough just for us and I don?t ever want to waste it,? Carrie explains. ?I?ll eat leftovers for a week because I hate wasting food.?

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Even though Carrie likes to conserve food, she?s strict about the nutrition she puts on her plate, as she is a vegetarian. But, she does admit that she has some weaknesses.

?I want so badly to be vegan, but cheese is definitely an issue,” Carrie admits, “I?ll have spells where I have no dairy, and I?m good, I?m great, I feel good. But it makes me feel bad, too. I don?t know why I do it, but that?s kind of my kryptonite.?

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