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As you can tell from the #TBT photos Scotty McCreery has posted on Instagram, he was one adorable kid. You can also tell he was always up to something.

There’s a certain look in Scotty’s eye that tells us he was a handful as a kid, and this story from his childhood confirms it.

Still love these cookie cakes #tbt #bestmom

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We asked Scotty what childhood story his parents still love to tell about him, and he immediately started talking about the great Rice Krispie treat meltdown.

“I ran away [from home] because they wouldn’t let me have a Rice Krispie treat,” Scotty admits. “That’s all I wanted was a dang Rice Krispie treat, and they said no. So, when they weren’t looking, I went and I stole the box of Rice Krispie treats in the pantry and went upstairs and sat behind the rocking chair I had in my room thinking that was going to hide me. They came up and caught me. They were like, ‘Man, we’re taking them from you,’ thinking that would stop me.”

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Scotty was determined to have that Rice Krispie treat, so he decided to get a little briefcase and stuff as many of them in it as he could before leaving the house for good.

Scotty recalls, “I took off. I was out. I was going down the street, and I was not coming back. Then I got to the end of the neighborhood and thought, ‘I’ve got nowhere to sleep tonight. So, I think I’m gonna go home.’ That was my running away story.”

Needless to say, Scotty and his mom have worked their way past that whole Rice Krisipe treat debacle, and she remains one of his biggest fans. When it comes to her favorite Scotty song, he says his mom loves his latest hit, “Five More Minutes.” Her all-time favorite song of his is an ode to mothers everywhere titled “Dirty Dishes.” It appeared on his debut album, “Clear as Day.”

He says, “That’s really just all about a mother’s love and the things she’s doing for her kids. Just the appreciation for the little things in life. Things that some folks would find annoying, like crayons in the rug and dishes in the sink pretty much. She loves that song. I think a lot of mothers still love that song.”

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