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On the surface, Kellie Pickler was just a quirky “American Idol” finalist, a North Carolina girl with countless one-liners, an undeniable country accent and a talent for never taking herself too seriously.

But at the 2007 CMA Awards, the world finally got to take another look at Kellie. Stunning in a red, strapless gown and her blonde hair swept back in a perfect bun, Kellie performed a song that she wrote from the very personal experiences with her mom that she was in the middle of dealing with.

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After that performance, Kellie’s star value skyrocketed with hits like “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful,” “Best Days of Your Life” and “Tough.”

While her music continues to define her, Kellie’s career has also expanded to include her popular reality TV show “I Love Kellie Pickler.” The show, which airs on CMT, follows her life with hubby Kyle Jacobs and a group of hilarious friends and family.

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Kellie also made quite a splash over the summer with her appearance on “Celebrity Family Feud,” where she competed to win money for her chosen charity USO. “

We have always been fans of the show,” Kellie told Rare Country about her “Family Feud” team, which consisted of Kyle Jacobs (Kellie’s husband), Courtney Pickler Howard (Kellie’s sister), Bradley Howard (Kellie’s brother-in-law) and Caroline Hobby (cast member of “I Love Kellie Pickler”). “We were all backstage wondering which one of us would put our foot in our mouths first. We just didn’t want to say anything stupid. It’s SO much easier playing at home.”

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